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Whether you’re traveling to South Africa for business, leisure, or relocation, we are dedicated to assisting you in seamlessly bringing your beloved animals with you.

Animal Travel Services is able to assist with documentation, terminal charges, post-arrival quarantine and delivery. Through our network of overseas agents, we can also arrange flights to South Africa, pre-import blood tests, veterinary documentation and kennelling in your country of origin.


If you are looking for a trusted, simple approach to pet relocation to South Africa, Animal Travel Services is here to help. Whether you are relocating to SA or planning on bringing a pet into the country from outside of South Africa, we will help you safely transport your pet.

Animal Travel Services is experienced in transporting and relocating a wide range of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, mice, fish and even wildlife. Over the years, we have worked hard to build a working relationship with an elite group of reputable agents specialising in pet transportation to South Africa. Our overseas agents are available to complete any origin services you may require.

Animal Travel Services can arrange the following services to assist with the import of your pet:

  • South African Import Permit
  • CITIES permit (CITIES – Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species)
  • Customs clearance on arrival in South Africa
  • Settling of terminal charges within South Africa upon arrival
  • Post-arrival quarantine (including special dietary requirements)
  • Liaison with quarantine stations in Cape Town or Johannesburg
  • Collection from quarantine and delivery to your residence
  • Transfer for domestic flights within South Africa (if required)

We are also able to arrange the following services from the country of origin:

  • Flights to South Africa for your pets
  • Pre-import blood tests
  • Completion of required veterinary documentation
  • Kennelling prior to departure or after arrival

Should you have any specialised requests, please contact our consultants and let us know how we can help transport your pet safely into South Africa.


Dogs arriving from certain countries into South Africa require compulsory quarantine. Some countries are except from this requirement however. Contact us for a full list of countries that do not require quarantine when transporting dogs into South Africa. For dogs that do require quarantine, there are two state quarantine facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively.


Cats are not routinely quarantined on arrival in South Africa.


Dogs and cats entering South Africa from Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland and Malawi do not need an import permit. Dogs being imported from other African countries however must have a veterinary import permit, and may not enter by road via one of our neighbouring countries. Dogs must be flown to either Johannesburg or Cape Town International Airports, where they will be quarantined for approximately 14 days.


Importation regulations differ for birds depending on the country of origin; however the following requirements apply to all birds imported to South Africa:

  • South African import permit
  • Birds must be microchipped or fitted with an identification ring
  • There is a 30 day pre-shipment quarantine and 30 day post-shipment quarantine required
  • Pre and post export tests will also be required (these will differ from country to country)

All animals imported into South Africa must be registered as manifested cargo, and may not fly as excess baggage. For more information and assistance on specific species or breed of animals, please contact us today.

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