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Travelling Within South Africa

If you want your pets to travelling locally within South Africa, we are able to assist with pet transportation. By finding and using the shortest travel routes possible, we can ensure that pets are transported to their destination quickly and comfortably.

We mainly make use of air transport. Thanks to a team of carefully selected partners at various destinations, we can collect and deliver our animal passengers to and from your doorstep anywhere in South Africa.


Our complete door-to-door service makes it easier than ever to travel with pets, taking care of all arrangements on your behalf. Our Animal Travel consultant will provide you with a comprehensive itinerary and will arrange the following:

  • Flight bookings and airport check-in
  • Boarding (if required)
  • Airline approved (IATA) travel containers
  • Meet and delivery in comfortable pet shuttle


Let us take the hassle out of moving day by collecting your pets from your home address.
The Door to Airport Service offers the following:

  • Pet shuttle collection from your home address
  • Flight reservations and airport check-in
  • Boarding (if required)
  • Airline approved (IATA) travel containers
  • Detailed information on pet collection
  • Collection point at the airport


You can also check your pets in at the airport yourself. The Airport to Door service is designed to simplify your pet travel needs even further, giving you the benefit of the following services:

  • Pre-determined pet delivery point
  • Flight reservations
  • Airline approved (IATA) travel containers
  • Airport meet and collection by Animal Travel consultant
  • Delivery to new home address in a safe and comfortable pet shuttle


If you would prefer to take your pet to the airport and collect them at their destination, our Airport to Airport Service saves you the hassle of arranging the journey with the airline. This service includes:

  • Pre-determined delivery point
  • Flight reservations
  • Airline approved (IATA) travel containers
  • Detailed information on collection point
  • Preparation of pet cargo for collection at airport

To learn more about our various solutions for safe, simple pet travel within South Africa, contact us today and let us know how we can assist.

Leaving South Africa

From our headquarters in Cape Town, Animal Travel Services offers an around the world service that includes pet export from South Africa to destinations all over the globe.

The relocation of your family pet can be stressful, demanding and complex, requiring careful planning. Animal Travel Services is a professional animal transport company with over 40 years’ experience, and you can rest assured that we will address any worries or concerns you may have while ensuring that your pet experiences a stress-free and smooth relocation.

Being a professional animal transport with over 40 years; of experience, it enable us to transport pets from South Africa to anywhere in the world, stress-free. We stay constantly informed and updated about the latest changes in the rules and regulations of each and every country, giving you peace of mind at all times when exporting your pet into the country.


We offer a complete pet exportation service that is expertly planned according to the International Air Transport Association Live Animals Regulations. Each shipment is treated and handled on an individual and personal basis. Our dedicated and competent team guarantees the highest standard of professionalism and knowledge of the necessary documents, veterinary tests, treatments, endorsements and permits needed to get your pet to its new home safely, simply and efficiently with minimal stress.

With a worldwide network, we are able to provide arrival clearances at airports. We can also arrange safe delivery for your pets to their new home in our comfortable, air-conditioned pet shuttles.


Our dedicated pet lounge is a comfortable facility that enables animals to rest and have a comfort stop (potty break and fresh water) prior to being checked in for their journey.
Not sure what to expect from pet export from South Africa? Contact us today and we will answer your questions about relocating pets from South Africa to any destination world-wide.

Customer Clearance

Animal Travel Services offers a range of pet travel clearance services for the import and export of your puppy, kitten or commercial shipment intended, to ensure that your precious cargo is cleared by South African Customs Authorities.

Customs clearance can be challenging for any importer or exporter, but the strict regulations in place to prevent the illegal trafficking of endangered wildlife, all animals that are brought into the country or taken out of the country are subject to a number of requirements.



It is best to begin the preparations as early as possible – preferably as soon as you have begun making arrangements to export or import your pet. To help you prepare your pet for animal travel customs clearance, you will need to ensure that the following requirements are in order:

  • Permits are not required by every destination in the world, but may still apply to your destination. To be safe, it is best to speak to a pet travel specialist such as Animal Travel Services to find out what permits are required for the country you are importing or exporting to.
  • Microchips are almost always required. These should be implanted before the rabies vaccination so make sure that your pet is chipped well in advance.
  • Valid rabies vaccination (older than 30 days and younger than 1 year – South African Export requirement) – required for every destination.
  • Other vaccinations apart from the rabies vaccination, which is essential, include specific inoculations that apply to cats and dogs respectively. These may vary according to your target destination, so speak to your consultant to find out exactly what your pet will need.
  • Rabies antibody blood TITRE tests are becoming a pre-requisite for many countries around the world. These need to be done 90 days before your pet travels – speak to your Animal Travel Services consultant to learn more about this requirement.
  • Health certificates from a vet are always required. This certificate shows that your pet is in good health and safe to travel. Whether you are importing or exporting, this document is essential.
  • All original documentation has to travel with the pet, and copies will not be accepted. Taking the time to get your pet’s paperwork in order in advance will save you both added stress once the time to travel arrives.

Depending on whether you are planning an animal export or import, other requirements may also apply. To find out exactly what your pet will need for pet travel customs clearance, contact us today.

Travel Containers

While your pet is in transit, he or she will need a safe, comfortable temporary home in the form of an animal transit container or carrier. To help keep your cat or dog cosy in their temporary travel home during transit, we offer a specialised service that gives you peace of mind throughout your pet’s travels.


Some important guidelines to keep in mind when considering a container for your pet’s travels include the following:

  • Animal Travel Services manufactures our own superior IATA approved wooden travel boxes.
  • We can supply IATA approved plastic kennels as well.
  • Your pets’ travel kennel must always meet the IATA standards.
  • It is important to choose the correct size travel kennel for your beloved pet. The box cannot be too small or too large.
  • We recommend that you measure your pet so we can select the right size travel container. Please follow the guidelines below in order to provide us with your pets’ correct measurements.
  • If you are purchasing your own travel kennel, please remember to allow room for a blanket and a water bowl.


Use the following dimensions when determining the ideal size pet carrier or container for transportation of cats and dogs:

  1. – length from nose to root of tail
  2. – height from the ground to shoulders
  3. – height in standing position with head erect
  4. – width across the shoulder blades
  5. – weight

By taking the time to measure correctly, you can be sure that your pet will travel in comfort at all times. Got any questions about sourcing animal travel boxes? Contact us today and let us know how we can assist.

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